· Data can be migrated without disrupting the I/O process

Explain how the attacks affected risk management in organizations and have prompted an increased justification for recovery-based objectives, initiatives, and expenditures.
March 21, 2019
Explain genre theory and, using Chapter 4 of the text as a reference, thoroughly describe the conventions and attributes of your selected genre.
March 21, 2019

· Data can be migrated without disrupting the I/O process

Imagine that you are serving in the role of director of data center operations for your company, which is currently using redundant sites as backup and manually managing replication and failovers. The business plan for your organization has changed, and management has decided to grow the business by 20% over the next year. The chief information officer (CIO) has tasked you with meeting the expected increase in demand for data storage while not increasing your department’s budget. You believe that you can meet the challenge by adopting a new concept called data center virtualization. Write a report of 4–5pages (APA formatted) introducing your boss to the following:

· The concept of data center virtualization

· The benefits of storage virtualization

· The risks associated with this concept

Grading Criteria :

The model answer may include several of these criteria:

· Improved utilization by automatically being able to use pooled storage capacity

· Data can be migrated without disrupting the I/O process

· Central management of independent storage devices

· Performance improved via caching

· Being able to use different vendors

· Scalability of storage network


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