1. Knowing how use linux operation system.2. Assignment must…

1. Knowing how use linux operation system. 2. Assignment must program in C 3. Know how to use script to record test case. 4. ALL  information in the PDF downbelow is IMPORTANT includ the three link on top. 5.The answer must be exactly same as reqired.


Title: Utilizing Linux Operating System and C Programming for Test Case Recording

In this assignment, we will explore the utilization of the Linux operating system and the programming language C to record test cases. Proficiency in Linux, specifically understanding its various commands and functionalities, is crucial to carry out this task efficiently. Additionally, it is essential to have a strong grasp of C programming language principles, as C will be the language used in developing scripts for test case recording. This academic work aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the process while adhering strictly to the specified requirements.

1. Proficiency in Linux Operating System:
Being well-versed in the Linux operating system is a prerequisite for successfully completing this assignment. Understanding the system’s command-line interface (CLI) and effectively navigating through the file system are essential skills. Additionally, it is vital to comprehend how to manipulate files, execute programs, and manage processes using Linux commands. Familiarity with text editors, such as Vi or Emacs, is also beneficial for editing scripts.

The Linux operating system offers a rich set of tools and utilities that can aid in test case recording. For instance, using the terminal (command-line interface), we can create, modify, and execute scripts, as well as capture the output generated during the test process. Moreover, Linux’s extensive documentation and community support play a significant role in problem-solving during the assignment.

2. Proficiency in C Programming Language:
Proficiency in the C programming language is necessary for developing the scripts used to record test cases in this assignment. Knowledge of the language’s basic syntax and concepts, such as variables, loops, control structures, and functions, is imperative. A deep understanding of file manipulation, input/output operations, and error handling in C will greatly facilitate the development of efficient test case recording scripts.

The C programming language provides a high degree of control and flexibility, making it ideal for capturing and managing test case data. With C, we can read inputs, execute various operations, and record outputs, all while following the specified requirements. Furthermore, proper memory management and prevention of memory leaks are critical aspects of C programming that need to be addressed for robust and error-free script development.

3. Utilizing Scripts for Test Case Recording:
To effectively record test cases, we will employ script development techniques. Scripts allow us to automate repetitive tasks, capture inputs and outputs, and precisely record test execution steps. Familiarity with the Linux shell scripting language, along with the C programming language, will enable us to create robust and efficient scripts for test case recording.

Shell scripting involves writing a series of commands in a text file, often referred to as a shell script or shell program. These scripts can be executed directly in the Linux terminal, allowing for simple and efficient record-keeping. By leveraging the power of shell scripting, we can automate the process of executing test cases, capturing their outcomes, and logging relevant data.

To successfully complete this assignment, a strong foundation in Linux operating system concepts, proficiency in the C programming language, and the ability to utilize scripts for test case recording are essential. Mastery of Linux commands and file manipulation techniques, along with knowledge of basic C programming principles and memory management, will contribute to the development of efficient and accurate test case recording scripts.

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