1500 words horror story including elements of the unknown and

Directions: Write a scary story (between 1,000-2,000 words) that uses elements of absence

(the unknown, the unconscious, the unseen, paranormal, unexplained occurrences, and the

unexpected) and elements of presence (helplessness, urgency, suspense, tension, intensity)

as you tell a tale of fear, a malevolent force, or a supernatural being.

Order of ideas: Your story should flow in a way that makes sense. It will most likely be

chronological or reverse-chronological, but you can incorporate flashbacks or repeat events

from different points of view to mix things up.

Story: Your story should include a beginning, rising action, a distinct climax, falling action and

resolution (ending.) There should be a mix of descriptive narration and dialogue. There should

be a buildup of suspense and intensity to suit the genre.

Some Suggestions to Consider:

*Internal Conflict: Your character may become their own worst enemy! The villain might lie within the character’s

heart, soul, or mind! (Psychological fear is real in a scary story. Your villain might be a figment of the character’s over-

active mind or fears)

*Surprise Twists: Try to make the story unpredictable by adding elements of surprise. Leave the reader in suspense

before showing the actual conflict, villain, or scary moment.

*Details: Use the powers of description and imagery (sensory details) to enhance the creepy/uncomfortable mood.

Don’t hold back! Let the reader experience the physical sensations that accompany the character’s fear along with

the vivid awareness of the senses.

*Techniques: Vary your writing style: Use action, conflict, internal dialogue, conversational dialogue, flashback,

foreshadowing, back story…

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