2.2 exercise: research report template sections

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Getting Started

A template has been provided for you to use as you write the research report throughout this course. This activity explains the sections and what they are for.

In order to successfully complete this assignment, you should be able to:

  • Identify sections and the purposes of those sections in a research report.


  • File: Research Report Template Information – Workshops 1 and 2

Background Information

When asked to perform research using a data set, there are three main areas of focus. First is the background, which includes any sources to explain the data, variable definitions, research questions, and descriptive statistics in the form of graphs and central tendency statistics and variation statistics. Second is the analysis of the raw data using hypothesis testing. In this course, regression and means comparison and chi-square testing are employed. The third section is the summarization of the research results and any future research that can be beneficial.