2 part question | Operations Management homework help


Part 1

1. Which of the three issues Taylor pointed out created problems for the Tribune’s culture change do you most agree with?  Why?

2. What are the two major types of tensions that underpin the foundations of the CVF?

3. How can the CVF be used to bring about culture change in an organization?

Watch Hsieh- Zappos Corporate Culture

· Transcript Click for more options

Read Carr-Tribune Change

Read Taylor-Why Frat Boys Make Lousy Change Agents

Watch DeGraff- Competing Values Framework Intro 

· Transcript Click for more options

Part 2

Please limit your response to each question to three sentences. Conscise, thoughtful answers will score full points.

1.  According to Dan Pink there are three factors that lead to better performance and personal satisfaction.  State each one and whether your personal experience supports the research.

2.  Briefly describe one take-away from this video that you may be able to use in your organization.

Watch Pink-Motivation

Here is the 

Pink- Motivation transcript Click for more options

I have also attached the question

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