A motivational speech that you would give to someone you are close to if they asked about your decision to enroll in the university right now. Think about why you

A motivational speech that you would give to someone you are close to if they asked about your decision to enroll in the university right now. Think about why you are pursuing a degree, what it means to you, and how you will be supported to achieve your goals. Consider how achieving your academic goals aligns with your personal goals, motivations, and values. Here are some important points to cover during your speech: How have you or your perspective changed since the first week of class? did you learn about yourself? Why did you decide to go to school? Why now? Why did you choose the program you are in? do you find interesting or exciting about your program? do you hope to achieve as you pursue your degree? How about after you finish? support is available at the university that you think will be important to you? support do you need outside the university, from family or friends? While you may choose the format for your motivational speech, be sure that it is in a narrative format and tells your story rather than answers each question individually. Your speech can be a written script, a PowerPoint presentation, or a video/audio recording.

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