Answer all; legal concerns are raised by these issues? Regardless of what the law says about behavior in cyberspace, there is a major problem when it comes to enforcement of

Answer all; legal concerns are raised by these issues? Regardless of what the law says about behavior in cyberspace, there is a major problem when it comes to enforcement of the rules in physical space. The internet has no regard for state or national boundaries. Roger (2012) states that a hacker from any country can hack into your computer; counterfeiters in China making huge trade in bootleg DVDs of Hollywood movies prior to hitting the market or the movie being released. Furthermore both the hacker and the counterfeiter are both in violation of the law. One of the largest challenges is identifying where the account or act was originated be the Internet Service Provider (ISP) may not identify who the account actually belongs to. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), was signed into law by President Clinton in 1998, amending previous federal copyright law in part to implement two international treaties on intellectual property protection. This law criminalizes the circumventing of measure that control access to copyrighted materials also known as digital rights management or DRM and to copyrighted works. (Rogers, 2012) Predict which of these issues will be of major concern in the future in regard to the law and business practices. The Pandemic has shifted society to readapt way business was conducted and how personal purchases were made. We have relied more on the internet to either conduct more online business transactions and has shifted us to make personal purchases and have them delivered. I believe that one the biggest challenges that one may experience is theft or hacking into your personal financials. The laws will definitely need to be enhanced and grow to keep up with crimes such as hacking, identify theft, fraud, and phishing. Reference Rogers, S. (2012). Essentials of business law. Bridgepoint Education. The professors question Sandra – You present some very interesting discussion here. In your opinion, can problems such as identity theft be eliminated through legal means? If so, how? Or do you think that it is an issue that can only be prevented through technology? My responses to his inquiry will be: I believe that given the opportunity identify theft may be eliminated through legal means. But I don’t think that all who commit this crime will be caught. If one is looking for prevention methods to avoid identify theft there is no sure way that one can prevent such an act but, they can attempt to minimize the tort by simply not taking that chance and use security software programs, using a credit card instead of your bank cards. I believe it would be a combination of using technology and instead of making a purchase on the internet that you believe may be an issue go personally and take care of it. DID I ANSWER THE PROFESSORS QUESTION CORRECTLY? courses/110662/quizzes/339260/take
decreases in aggregate demand
Question 30
1 pts
Suppose autonomous consumption decreases. This reduction in autonomous consumption will cause
which of the following to occur?
The consumption function becomes less steep.
The consumption function shifts up.
The consumption function becomes steeper.
The consumption function shifts down.
Question 31
1 pts QUESTION 49
In the short run, unanticipated inflation typically leads to
workers’ thinking the real wage has been reduced.
higher rates of unemployment.
lower rates of unemployment.
decreases in aggregate demand.
The Phillips curve is thought to reflect the relationship between
inflation and real GDP.
the price level and inflation
unemployment and inflation.
unemployment and real GDP A technological advance will
increase long—ru n aggregate su pply. "”= increase short-run aggregate supply. "T’s- increase aggregate demand. ‘ both increase long-run aggregate supply and increase short—run aggregate supply.
both increase long-run aggregate supply and increase aggregate demand. "’ both increase short-run aggregate supply and increase aggregate demand. QUESTION 14
A technological advance in the economy will lead to price level;
output and natural rate of unemployment. ” a higher; a higher; a lower “f? a lower; a higher; a lower a higher; a higher; no change in
"’= a lower; higher; no change in "f? no change in; no change in; no change in Suppose the central bank raises interest rates. Which statement is a logical explanation of how this will
impact aggregate demand?
Question 5 options:
gher interest rates cause an increase in savings and government spending, which leads to a
reduction in aggregate demand.
gher interest rates attract funding from abroad, which provides an injection into the
country’s economy, raising aggregate demand.
gher interest rates cause reductions in investment in capital and houses, which reduce
aggregate demand.
gher interest rates create a greater incentive for investments, which increases aggregate

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