Q2) Improve Project Quality Since the PMGT-701-Fundamentals of Project Management course is introduced online. The ISO 9001:2018 as Quality systems – Model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing

Q2) Improve Project Quality Since the PMGT-701-Fundamentals of Project Management course is introduced online. The ISO 9001:2018 as Quality systems – Model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing is related quality standard and the major application of this standard is focus on Student satisfaction, professor satisfaction and other stakeholder satisfaction. The main focus is on continuous enhancement of this online course so that students may have a better knowledge of the subject.By addressing institutional and legal considerations, each team member’s contribution will serve to improve the e-learning experience of the online course in schools. The objective is to create a new online Fundamentals of Project Management  course for Centennial College PMGT 701. This online course will aim at giving students and professors an acceptable experience.  A way in which this can be achieved is by having interactive sessions, such as having online presentations. Also, activities that will be assessed and access to course materials. While implementing this process all legal necessities will be adhered to under the Code of Federal Regulation.  The metrics that will be used for this measure of success is that of ISO 19001-2018. In order for this to be a successful implementation it requires that everyone work together as everyone and area will be audited. Quality metrics are essential as they provide a way to measure how well a process is doing. These metrics will be used to improve processes due to the problems that they might find. They will also be used to measure how reliable the service and system is that are being used. The above metrics will be monitored in the following ways; -will be monitored in the areas of scheduling, change, quality, and cost will be monitored. 1). Scheduling-the project manager will report whether or not the project is on track because each item would have a set delivery date. For report to be gathered the project manager would gather from his team the following; a). Which task they are currently working on. b). How many hours they have spent on this task. c). How many hours are left to complete this task? 2). Change-know when a task is actually completed unlike when a work is expected to be completed. 3). Quality-would be monitored by knowing that it has met the client’s expectations, that it is performing as expected. The testing of deliverables. 4). Cost-would be monitored by the project manager, as to know if and when the project has an incur cost. – periodic written reports, scheduled meetings, relevant and reliable information from other available sources, during this process to the team and in return ask the team for their feedback as well during meetings, where discussion of common issues, problems and others. -look at monitoring the cloud, these include VM, web pages, data, storage, virtual network and application monitoring. – will be monitored based on the following; Data is one of the most valuable resources today’s businesses have. The more information you have about your clients, the better you can understand their interests, wants and needs. This enhanced understanding s you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations and allows you to create messaging and products that appeal to them. These are ways in which data are collected and archive; The timeframe will be measured by the duration of the online course.  This will be done in 3 weeks sprints until the milestones have been met. The progress of students and faculty will be measured based on the project status, performance and features of the online class.  Overall, data will be gathered from the process identifying whether or not customer satisfaction was garnered. Based on the data collected by quality metric, the Fundamentals of Project Management Course project will use cause & effect diagrams to analyze quality data  and presentation to the PMI board to manage project quality. The possible opportunities of the project could include increasing student satisfaction rate from feedback survey, professor satisfaction. Course
Practical level
coherence with
Course diffculty
other courses
satisfaction rate
Exam score

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