Pet Clinic – Future State Scenario. You have been hired by the Scarborough Pet Clinic to improve their booking process .At this time the process has some automation, but is

Pet Clinic – Future State Scenario. You have been hired by the Scarborough Pet Clinic to improve their booking process .At this time the process has some automation, but is very time consuming as most of the work is done manually. The receptionist is very busy. The Pet Clinic has hired two additional staff to . With three people involved there have been communication issues, and there have also been many mistakes. You need to first understand the Current State, before you can determine a solution. You went to the clinic for 2 days and observed, and made the following notes: •Pet owners can make appointments online, but are not able to change or cancel online. Appointments can be cancelled or updated by telephone and the receptionist will cancel or update the order. This will be automated in the future state. •The Veterinarian (Vet)can see the status of the appointments posted in a piece of paper on the wall and they print out hard copies of the schedule (appointment and schedule same thing)and because the schedule hard copies often are out-dated by the time they are ready to see patients (pets). In the future state the Veterinarian will be able to use the online booking system to change their availability, move appointments and have clients automatically notified of moved appointments. •Currently, the Receptionist can make changes manually •Manual processes are needed to register new patients-in the current state the online system is for existing patients only so all new patients have to telephone in or walk in and register their pets (type of pet, age, etc) which is done also in the booking system. •Reminders are done by phone and email, and sometimes do not get done •There are many cases where appointments are booked, and no one shows up •Sometimes the vet is double booked by accident. •Currently, there is Payment by cash and debit card only so there is a loss of business from this. In the future state you also want to add pay with bitcoin cryptocurrency andpay with Dogcoin cryptocurrency, Paypal and credit cards as Payment options. •To generate more business, you want to offer all people in the community the ability to redeem points and tie this to the Points system which interacts with the Booking system. Points are earned for any all Pet Clinic services, much like at Tim Hortons coffee where you get points and earn a free coffee. The points will be used for all animal spa and salon services such as hair cutting, toe nail cutting, wash and dry and so on. You not only can redeem points for these things but you can sell points on EBay. You can also trade points (barter – no money) with other ghlight 6 new requirements which are related to the future state. Provide the traceability matrix. Be sure all diagrams have naming. For example Functional Requirement 1 is FR-1. Use case 1 is UC – 1. Reference (example) of traceability matrix: TRACEABILITY OF REQUIREMENTS
Business Requirements
Funcional Requirements
Use Case Diagram
BR. 1
Make student registration
Create course registration
Recive request from student
Cancel course registration
Access student information
Modify course registration
Check course availability
Select course
BR. 2
Consult course information
Select course description
Recive request from student
Search information course consulted
Show information about course consulted
BR 3
Consult course registered
Show course information registered
Recive request from student
Check course registereds by student
Show information about course consulted
Assign professor to course
FR. 7
Check profesor data base
Identify course requirements
Select professor to course
Check professor skill course base data
Search compatibility professor – course requirements
Select professor
BR. 5
Keep schedule update
Check schedule
Update schedule with each input
FR. 10
Update schedule
Send e-mail notification when there is a chance on appointment
E-mail schedule change notification
Show schedule appointment
Consult record grade
Update record grade
Recive request from student
FR. 10
Check record grade
Check student information
Electronic report card
Check student record for each course
Send information
Table 3. Traceability

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