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for that are related to–get-seniors-online-99082 Below are the sample documents for reference. Boeddrich, Heinz-Jurgen, December 2004, “Ideas in the Workplace: A New Approach Towards Organizing the Fuzzy Front End of the Innovation Process”, Creativity and Innovation Management, Vol. 13 (4), pp. 274-285 [Internet, WWW, Database]. Available: EbscoHOST; ADDRESS: [Accessed: 31 October 2008]. A copy of this article is in the student’s possession and may be consulted by contacting the student at This article proposes an innovation management technique derived from a study that benchmarked several leading innovative European companies. The authors begin by discussing common beliefs regarding the need for structured idea generation. There are two extreme lines of thought. One group believes that any level of structure during idea generation will hamper creativity. The other extreme believes that ideas can be generated through computer analysis of large quantities of data and that no human creativity is needed. The authors suggest that neither extreme works and that the answer lies somewhere in-between the two. They continue by proposing a number of simple procedures to improve the success of an idea pipeline. The first section discusses how a structured idea management system improves the success of an idea pipeline. The second section builds on the first and discusses how the organization must be structured to support the idea pipeline. The third section discusses the importance of successful idea management and proposes that a knowledge management system is the best solution. The following sections discuss the details of implementing the proper knowledge management system. This article focuses on a systems view of improving idea generation and management. It lacks to address the people aspect of idea generation that is just as critical as the systems aspect.

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