In order to build customer goodwill and satisfy its legal and ethical obligations, Wow Tech has decided to implement a program within the Sales and Marketing departments to: • Inform

In order to build customer goodwill and satisfy its legal and ethical obligations, Wow Tech has decided to implement a program within the Sales and Marketing departments to: • Inform Sales and customer service staff of legal and ethical obligations (particularly with respect to WHS and anti-discrimination legislation) and any standards or codes of conduct followed by the organisation,• Promote high standards in professional conduct • Inform clients and customers of John Readings commitments,• Achieve employee and client buy-in for initiative. • Develop the online knowledge management system or CRM to ensure all personnel can easily access the necessary information to ensure all legal and ethical obligations are adhered to.You are an external consultant (from Ace Consultants) contracted by the Director of Sales and Marketing to project manage activities to achieve the objectives above. Quality standards for deliverables: • Clearly communicate legal obligations and John Readings obligations,• Contain as content or support company strategic directions, • No grammar or spelling errors,• Professional but friendly language, • Fair and flexible delivery for intended audience, and• Meet audience requirements and sensitive to information needs, cultural diversity. Previous needs analysis for the project has uncovered characteristics and requirements of John Readings Retail and commercial Clients: Sales and Customer Service Staff Clients (B2B) Customers Customer Service (retail) • Under stress; time poor. • Retail sales team are technical experts who are competent in selling and recommending authors, books etc. • Unaware of legal, ethical requirement. Just want to customers • Even if aware, have no idea how to apply to daily customer practice. • Unclear on overall strategic aims of Wow Tech • Culturally diverse. • Cynical: e.g. ‘why do I have to pay attention to Wow Tech internal business? I just want them to manage my property.’ • Time poor. • Not sure of Wow Tech obligations and commitment to best-of-breed client service and ethical practice, or even their own code of conduct/ethics? • When staff are recommending books sometimes feel discriminated against on basis of: a. Lifestyle, b. Family status, c. Cultural background, and d. Income, etc. Sales (publishing) reps Building relationships with clients Working from car – rarely in the office (often spend nights away from home) Attend book fairs and other B2B events Works territories and/or categories Under extreme pressure to perform and marry the face-to-face with digital interactions • Feel that the sales reps should alert us to any issues with regard to specific books, authors and/or topics that may be contentious and/or compromise legislation and/or codes of ethics • Culturally diverse. • Not respected i.e. appointments made then they don’t show and don’t bother to let us know. • Sales reps have been rude or insensitive on occasion: e.g. ‘you wouldn’t treat your rich clients or investment partners this way’. • Do not feel they are adequately consulted re. market needs/wants Project conditions are as follows: • Minimum of team members, Project Manager and at least 3 key stakeholders. The Director, Sales and Marketing (the assessor) will determine composition of project team. NOTE: Engagement of at least 50 personnel are required throughout the project lifecycle. • The structure of the work should include roles for project sponsor, technical experts, quality assurance of deliverables, project manager (yourself initially and, after provisional approval, as negotiated with your team), and roles and responsibilities for each team member to achieve the deliverables according to standards, etc. • All reasonable resources (e.g. access to a room, computers, software and templates) will be provided. Paper and telecommunications costs, for example, to be covered by candidates. All resources must be costed and included in your budget. • Budget: $ 1 million • Your Director, Sales and Marketing (the assessor) will suggest project deliverables, for example, presentations, information sessions, posters, promotional materials, etc. You may determine your own specific deliverables so long as they are agreed to with stakeholders, meet project objectives, and adhere to budgetary constraints. • Project timeframe: 12 months from initial concept discussion to finalisation and lessons learned. • Project should include design, development, implementation, and evaluation stages (with periodic quality review). • Project status reports are due at 25%, 50% and 75% of allotted timeframe. • Project must be coordinated with other organisational projects, operations, etc. You have met with the Director, Sales and Marketing and he has confirmed the following members of their project team/s and human resources costs: Project team members Cost Possible roles and responsibilities (deliverables) Jack (works remotely) $60/hr • Develop poster/s for staff employees • Develop and deliver training Alice $60/hr Cory $60/hr Daisy $60/hr • Create videos to illustrate professional conduct, • Develop flyers or other literature, • Develop a webpage, • Design social media approaches, • Develop and deliver presentations for employees/clients, • Design and/or deliver surveys to assess effectiveness of communications and assist with project evaluation, • Development of ethical charter. Virtual team: must be included in planning and accounted for in budget Mary Stewart (WHS consultant) $150/hr John Ng (CPA) $150/hr Pat Lee (Lawyer: anti-discrimination and privacy expert) $150/hr QA person (works external to team to preserve integrity, providing quality review as required in project planning) $100/hr IT Consultant To assist with the development and implementation of the knowledge management system $200/hr Questions: a. Confirming four key stakeholders for this project? b. Identifying and clarifying stakeholder behavioural expectations? c. Explaining the roles of each stakeholder and distributing work effectively so that defined project roles are understood? d. Identifying and addressing the team development needs and providing support regarding effective stakeholder engagement? e. Discussing and obtaining agreement on the types of stakeholder engagement processes and communication methods that will be implemented?

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