Prepare an “Incentive Proposal” fora client Background Information for the Assignment A corporate client, Apple, has reached out to you (Meeting Planner) as they would like to take 20 of

Prepare an “Incentive Proposal” fora client Background Information for the Assignment A corporate client, Apple, has reached out to you (Meeting Planner) as they would like to take
20 of their top sales executives and their partners/spouses on an Incentive Trip to Dubrovnik —
second-tier Europe. Total 40 attendees. Most members of this executive team are based in Toronto except for 1 from Halifax. Therefore
2 Flights will be required from Halifax with the balance from Toronto. Client would like a proposal from you for an Incentive trip to Dubrovnik —second-tier Europe.
for the group for 4 nights and should include theme, décor, entertainment, teambuilding and more. You are given a budget of$7000 US per person inclusive of tax and gratuity. Research the company, as research current trends in the event incentive travel industry. Additional Information about the grou 9:
Group Size: 40 (Age between 30-50) Purpose of trip (reward the executive team by providing them an incentive trip
combination of business and recreation, ensuring, and highlighting the safety of the trip
given COVID concerns Preferred dates: lstchoice January 30 — February 3, 2023, 2nd choice February 20
_February 24, 2023 (4 nights, Travel on Monday, and Friday) Preferred destinations — Dubrovnik —second-tier Europe., but keep in mind actual
travel time. Objectives/ Expected Outcomes —Team Bonding – Wellness- Experiential – Appreciation
Activities should facilitate team building but you can also offer a few individual activities
as options Class ofaccommodation required: 5 staror above, include new safety precautions that
the venue is offering Double occupancy (King Suite rooms or executive rooms) Overall theme/tagline for the event Welcome Cocktail Reception — night of arrival, make this something special Include city tours Soft adventure, little or no risk options Exciting tours for the more adventurous 1 Unique Team Building Activity Gala/awards dinner required on the last night —include F&B, décor, and a different
theme/tagline form your main one, entertainment Include F&B for all meals, locations, and menu description, make sure you do an off-site
meal o Speciality/Branded gifts for attendees and spouses I Your Power point will include: 1. Describe what is Incentive Travel in your introduction and a few current trends in the
incentive industry. lslide 2. Create a 4 Day Itinerary for your Incentive trip for the above company (be creative)
a) Include slides to cover offall elements. All transportation; Hotel Stays; Location
Tour, Entertainment; Team building activity; Food and Beverage; awards; tours;
gifts, etc.
b) On your ppt slides create an overall grid as well as a detailed day by day grid. 3. Create a realistic Budget, budget examples are reviewed in class – include all items
that you have planned in your itinerary. note you are given $7000 per person
for the entire trip including tax and gratuity. You can be under budgetjust slightly, but
not over.And when lsay under budget it should only be a bit under. For example, 270
— 278 k. Your budget is $280,000.00 for 40 attendees. However, you can offer options
that are out of budget numbers into Template p rovided. These are executives and
they expect the best. 4. Submit as a Power Point Presentation and pdf. See mandatory PPT Slide list that you
need to include in your presentation. If you are including video in your presentation
include the web URL link. Sample PPT List Assignment # 1 — Incentive Trip see the list below of the sections that you need to include. Your team will also include
additional slides thatare pertinent and more photos. For example, when lsayinclude overview
of destination, the pictures and information does not need to be crowded on to one slide. For
example, you may show some beautiful photos, and include such items as currency,
temperature, special highlights, etc. Your layout and design of your presentation is important.
Your PPT will be closer to approx.(30-50). 1. Your Team/company name (METRACON TRAVEL) and names of all team members
including student #5 and roles. Your company logo. Use a free logo maker app. One
example is 2. is Incentive travel and current trends. (keep this section tojust a few bullet points) 3. Client Ask – Overview Program Details, Date, Departure, Arrival, Company/Client,
Attendee #5 description, Reason for Event, their Company logo 4. Title slide/theme/Location — example shown in class – Fall in Love in Paris, Better in the
Bahamas, Coasting in Costa Rica, etc. 5. Overview of destination —currency, weather, what is this destination famous for, tell me why this destination Hotel/resort being proposed, show case the property with photos Include hotel rooms, restaurants, facilities, and what’s near by Activity grid overview of the entire event, day by day Numerous slides – Details of each day & activity, timing, features/benefits/advantages (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5) Grid of each day and details of each day – This will include offsite restaurants for dinner or lunch, don’t always have attendees
eat at hotel. – Décor – Local Entertainment – Other Entertainment – Venues – Food & Beverage – CityTour – Team Building Events – And any other pertinent details and highlights – Gala Dinner — this should be like Assignment 3, it should have its own theme and
décor separate from your overall theme, 10. Branded gift items, how are you giving these out, before departure, at the resort, room
drop, our though out the trip or all? 11. Additional special options that may be exciting but are out of budget. 12. Budget breakdown of all elements $7000 US per person. 13. Budget for additional special options 14. Final Wrap/closing notes — summary of why I should go with this trip and your company. 15. you slide with your company name and contact information. 95″.”? *** Do not put prices on slides, prices are only included in the budget Be creative and unique! That is what s you win the pitch. Add music and a soundtrack
recording. Be prepared to pitch and share the presentation in class. Everyone must have their cameras on.

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