Rhetorical analysis first draft

For this assignment, you will be completing a rhetorical analysis on the documentary Long Gone Wild which can be found by clicking on this link Long Gone Wild | Kanopy. To begin the assignment, watch the documentary and take notes on the rhetorical strategies that William Neal uses to make his argument. Then you will create an analysis paper that explains whether you felt the argument Neal makes is effective.

Activity Objectives

This activity is designed to support the following Learning Objectives:

1. Identify and analyze thesis statements in nonfiction texts as models for their original work.

2. Present clear, reasoned, well-supported, and clearly-organized thesis-driven argument essays.

3. Compose, edit, and revise essays at the sentence, paragraph and essay level to demonstrate the conventions of standard academic American English.

4. Analyze the rhetorical situation, including the importance of purpose and audience and the use of rhetorical appeals and rhetorical strategies, in popular and/or scholarly texts.

Your analysis should be 2-3 pages long, double spaced in MLA format with 1 inch margins all around the paper. The font should be 12 point Times New Roman font and should include the correct headings. To review how to create an MLA paper, please read the following information: General Format // Purdue Writing Lab

Your analysis needs to explain the argument being made in the film and you need to evaluate the argument by analyzing the director’s use of logos, pathos, ethos, and other rhetorical strategies discussed in class such as the purpose, audience, style, and fallacies. It should not be a summary of the film, but a commentary on how effective you believe the author is in presenting their argument. For instance: Does the film seem biased or is it presenting the argument by addressing multiple viewpoints?

For this paper, you will not need to include a works cited page or parenthetical citations. We will cover these MLA specifics during the next Unit. The importance of this paper is to determine how well you can analyze an argument. The first draft of the paper will need to be completed with at least 2 pages (bottom of second page).

After you have completed the first draft, you will be assigned two student essays to peer review. The directions for the workshop will be found on the next page.

*Please note, all essays are checked by plagiarism checker. Any papers that come back with more than 20% copied words will receive a deduction in their grade. Please review the course Plagiarism policy.


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