reflection paper

Essays contain confidential information to be shared between you and your course faculty and should be treated as such. Only use the initials of clients who are referred to in your essay.

Essay should be written in a timely manner. Jot dot information critical to your essay soon enough to prevent: 1) forgetting the events and their meanings, and 2) allowing enough time for reflection.
Reflection essays should be between 750 and 1000 words.
Questions to address in your reflection include:
Describe a clinical situation, in detail, when you became emotionally charged during this semester. (Who was it, when did it happen, what happened, what caused it to happen, where did it happen, how did it happen)
What feelings, prejudices and biases did you experience during your clinical experience?
How did you manage these anxieties, feelings, prejudices and biases?
What assumptions did you make about children or families with mental illness?
What awareness did you develop during your clinical experience?
Describe how you changed as a result of your clinical experience?
Describe how will this clinical situation impact on your advanced nursing practice?
APA format is required (attention to spelling/grammar, a title page, a reference page, and in-text citations, if any).

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