1. Identify and analyze thesis statements in nonfiction texts as models for their original work.

2. Present clear, reasoned, well-supported, and clearly-organized thesis-driven argument essays.

3. Compose, edit, and revise essays at the sentence, paragraph and essay level to demonstrate the conventions of standard academic American English.

4. Analyze the rhetorical situation, including the importance of purpose and audience and the use of rhetorical appeals and rhetorical strategies, in popular and/or scholarly texts.

5. Find and integrate college-level sources to support a strong argument.

6. Synthesize, paraphrase, and quote from primary and secondary sources while adhering to most recent MLA documentation guidelines.

Write a 6-8 page ethical argument that takes a position on an ethical topic. Some possible research questions are: How far should schools go to keep kids safe? How strict should gun laws be? Are vaccination mandates just? Should school age kids be allowed on social media?

YOUR PAPER SHOULD BE WRITTEN IN THIRD PERSON POINT OF VIEW AND SHOULD NOT INCLUDE PRONOUNS “I,” “We,” or “You.” IT NEEDS TO INCORPORATE AN ETHICAL PRINCIPLE IN WHICH YOU GIVE THE BACKGROUND AND SER THE CONTEXT FOR YOUR ETHICAL TPIC. Be sure to use at least 6 outside sources, 3 of which are peer reviewed, and the other 3 need to come from a variety of sources such as websites, interviews, or documentaries.

Paper should include parenthetical citations with the author’s last name and page numbers. Also, you should have a works cited page that incorporates all of the sources you have used.

It is important that your paper is organized logically and utilizes transitional words and phrases to connect your sentences and paragraphs.

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