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Social Determinants of Healthcare

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Please see the attached file for detailed directions and address each component of the grading rubric while adhering to the 7th edition APA format. I have attached the file for this week’s discussion board also because they require the same readings and other resources. Please make sure the writer has SPSS software and datasets to complete this assignment. Let me know if you have any questions as soon as possible. This assignment is due 1/29/23 by 11:59 pm EST


Please see the attached file for detailed instructions for this week’s discussion board assignment. This assignment is due 1/25/23 before 11:59 pm EST. Please address each question highlighted in the assignment instructions and the grading rubric. Please make sure the writer has SPSS and the datasets needed to complete this assignment.


Please see the detailed attached file for instructions the discussion board assignment is due 1/26/23 by 11:59 pm EST. Please address each component of the grading rubric and adhere to the 7th edition of APA formatting guidelines,

CBT psychotherapy

Explain why CBT is the best therapy model for this patient

Jose Hernandez, a 27-year-old Hispanic-American male, comes to you for therapy, along with his mother. Hernandez has had severe anxiety since the age of 15. Both he and his mother state “his anxiety is getting worse and he must get help”. Hernandez is not able to go to his college classes most days because he is very anxious. He often stays inside, refusing to go outside or socialize with his friends. He has become what his mother describes as “somewhat depressed but very anxious.” He was only able make it to the appointment today because his mother drove him.
explain how the PMHNP would use the assigned behavioral technique to reduce his anxiety (Be Creative!). The essay should be how you would demonstrate the technique or skill in person to Hernandez.

2. In the comments section of your group’s video submission, identify the skill/s the student Nurse Practitioner will utilize in session to alleviate this client’s anxiety.

3. Pretend this is a follow up session with your client – therefore students do not need to re-introduce themselves as the Psych NP Student. demonstrate the CBT technique/s of your choice.