Final Project-PhD Prospectus Form

My dissertation topic will examine the relationship between the prevalence of mental illness and homelessness in rural areas and how this relationship impacts access to services and resources for mental health treatment and housing. (This is one section (Which is attached as a screenshot in the attached file) in my assignment and it does not have to be very detailed as long as it includes the information below). It can be single-spaced in paragraph form so I can copy and paste it into my document.

Provide at least 10 brief summaries of recent, scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles that support/justify a current and relevant problem in your discipline or professional field. Source(s) supporting your framework should be included. Include the complete, APA reference entry, followed by (a) an in-text citation; (b) what was studied; (c) what was found; and (d) why this research is important in relation to your study. This evidence provides the justification for your research problem. I have sent messages regarding this assignment via WhatsApp regarding the time–professor will not accept it after 12 noon on 2/7/23.

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