Week 12

Use psychodynamic technique

Case Scenario

Patient is a married female, aged 64, who has Major Depressive Disorder and Diabetes Type II. She is a non-smoker, but has a family history of depression, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. She is normal weight, moderately active (walks her dog twice a day), but detests taking medications for her depression and diabetes. Patient voices she does not “feel” sick, somewhat depressed without any suicidal thoughts. Patient is guarded and is not convinced she needs medication to lower her blood sugar.

Goal: Work with patient to increase motivation to take her depression and her metformin as prescribed. Use reflective responses to reduce resistance about taking depressive and blood sugar medications.

MI is a powerful and empathetic conversational tool that allows PMHNPs to collaborate with patients to bring about positive behavioral changes that support better health. MI relies on open questions, affirmation, and reflective listening that includes restating patient answers without judgment.

Julius Caesar

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The Role of Leadership in Academic Environments

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Supervision and Teaching

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Major assignment

Major assignment

course project

Proposal to develop and offer a new course or program at the college.

you will prepare your full Business Proposal in a PowerPoint format for submission. This will include proper formatting and references where required. Submit your final copy in Week 11 for your final overall grade out of a total of 25%. Part 2 will be named “Part 2” or “Final” and also posted in the same file in the Individual Proposal File under Assessments – Assignments.
This is the Feedback that got from my prof for part 1.
5/10 This is a well-researched outline of how you would develop a plan for a generic program. Unfortunately, it is not what is required in this assignment which is “Requires an outline of your Specific Proposal, an outline of your Plan and References”

The Prospectus Form

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additional page for 5451

additional page for 5451