3. Do you think federalism is easy to achieve or hard to achieve and why? Give me an example to back up your opinion – i.e. if you think it

3. Do you think federalism is easy to achieve or hard to achieve and why?  Give me an example to back up your opinion – i.e. if you think it is hard to balance the rights of the federal government with the rights of the states give me an example and explain a time when it was hard. 4. Do you think states should have their own immigration laws or should the national government have immigration laws and the states should have to follow one set of laws?  Why?  Fully explain. 5. Do you think the United States Supreme Court had the right to make a law regarding same sex marriage or did the United State Supreme Court overstep its bounds and cross into state’s rights since marriage falls to the states to regulate?  Fully explain your answer. 6. Pick someone in a Texas County Government that is discussed in the Chapter – or someone in a Texas County Government – research that person to learn more about them and write me at least one paragraph about that person and what you learned (i.e. research the Dallas County District Attorney and write me a paragraph about what you learned) – anyone you are interested in learning about on the County level. 7. Research the most recent session of the Texas Legislature – we are currently in the 86th Legislative Session.  The session ends on May 27, 2019.  You can research the session on any of your favorite search engines and see what came out of the session.  Write me at least one paragraph about a piece of legislation that was proposed or passed and explain it and tell me what you think about it – what is your opinion of it and why?  My goal is that you see it is reallyeasy to research “legislation introduced or passed in 86th Texas Legislature” or “legislation passed in most recent session of Texas Legislature” and you will always do this your whole life to track what is going on in the Texas Legislature during, after, and between sessions. Use any search engine you want to find an overview of what happened in this last session. You can always research legislation at: and you can also use – LegiScan can be used to research bills in any state – this link is for Texas.  Legiscan is a GREAT website – you can also search by session (2019) and by topic (i.e. abortion). ​ 8. If you were a member of the Texas Legislature and had a bill you wanted to get passed that your constituents really supported – tell me what all you would do before and during the session to make sure that your bill got passed.  Who would you meet with to get support and what would you do to ensure the bill got passed? 9. If you were voting for the Texas Governor – tell me at least three (3) qualities you would look for in that person – and fully explain why those qualities are important to you in a Texas Governor. 10. Tell me three (3) things you have learned about the Texas Bureaucracy and why you will remember these things from your reading and/or your classmates’ posts.

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