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Arguing a Position.


Topic: Social Networks.

There are 5 sources have been attached already (just use them).


  • 4 full pages essay.
  • One outline page ((It must include: Topic sentence, thesis statement, 3 reasons and supports, opposing viewpoint with an answer for it, and conclusion))
  • present a reasoned argument (depends on giving reasons with support).
  • must have a clear position on the issue.
  • no more than 4 quotes.
  • at least 4 paraphrases.
  • 3rd person only
  • each body paragraph must have a source citation to support your claim, either quote, paraphrase or summary.
  • MLA format.

You must follow this:

– Presentation of issue 

– Thesis Statement

– reason with support

– reason with support

– reason with support

– opposing arguments

– counterarguments

– conclusion