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a hargesh y c Crca Thining C w B aosoem oe defa Whe ee top Your Patient: ng sa M.D. age 65, admitted to your floor 3 days ago, after surgical insertion of n tracheoatomy tube. Prior to surgery, diagnosis was Acute upper airway obstruction, Has saline lock to left forearm. Currently, Oxygen is flowing via his tracheostomy at 40% , with Pulse oximeter Readings consistently in the low 90’s, He quickly becomes short of breath, when his Oxygen is interrupted during suctioning. During your shift, you need to suction M.C. as needed, and provide routine tracheostomy care. In addition, you will need to transport him with portable oxygen to Radiology for his AP & Lateral chest X-ray. Current Orders: AP & Lateral chest X-ray Pulse oximetry every shift and PRN Oxygen via trach Venturi mask at 40% Tracheostomy care every shift and PRN Tracheal suctioning PRN Medication or IV lock, flush every shift Morphine Sulfate 2 to 6 mg, IV q2h PRN for pain Questions: uhes How would you determine with M.D.needs to be suctioned? expected outcomes when suctioning and providing tracheostomy care? What are How would you determine when M.D. needs to have Tracheostomy care? When transporting M.D. to the radiology department, what precautions should you implement to ensure his safety? Your Patient: D.D. is a 37 year old male who comes to the health care provider’s office with complaints of a “cough that will not go away.” Subjective Data: Has had Ts not taking any medications dry, hacking cough intermittently for past 2-3 months Objective Data: Height 5’11”, Weight 185 lbs Oxvgen saturation on room air is 97% BP 132/78, Pulse 86, Temp 98.5 F, RR 24 Questions: Describe questions that you would ask D.D. to specifically evaluate his cough. What information should you obtain as part of a smoking history? What additional health history information would you obtain from D.D. ? What are 2 common causes of chronic cough, and what are 4 specific questions you would ask D.D.. for each cause? Describe what D.D. physical assessment would include.

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