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Aansanen o n within this 19. Which type of toileting equiem regular bedan? equipment is used for eliminati (A) Urinal (B) Portable commode (C) Raised toilet seat (D) Fracture pan 50. Hypertension is the medical term for (A) High blood pressure (B) High pulserate (C) Low blood pressure (D) Rapid heartbeat 51. Which of the following is the proper order to don PPE? (A) Put on mask and goggles, gown, and gloves. (B) Put on gloves, gown, and mask and goggles. (C) Put on mask and goggles, gloves, and gown. (D) Put on gown, mask, goggles, and gloves, 52. What time of day is best to collect a sputum specimen? (A) Late evening (B) Around lunchtime (C) Early morning (D) Right before bedtime 53. When a client with Alzheimer’s disease perseverates (repeats questions or phrases over and over), the HHA should (A) Repeat herself using the same words (B) Try te silence the client (C) Tell the client that she has already answered that question (D) Ignore the client 54. How often should an ostomy bag be emptied? (A) Every two days (B) Once per hour (C) Three times per day (D) Whenever stool is eliminated 55. How should an HHA work when helping a client with range of motion exercises? (A) Begin at the feet and work up the body (B) Begin at the head and work down the body (C) Begin at the fingertips and work inward (D) Begin at the knees and work up to the shoulders 56. A is the permanent and painful shortening of a joint and muscle. (A) Range of motion (B) Contracture (C) Pressure ulcer (D) Footboard 90 9 If a client has just had a glass of th e (A) 5 to 10 minutes tea, how long should the LOLA want before insuring the client’s temperature shohe Awat beter (B) 10 to 20 minutes (C) 30 to 40 minutes (D) 60 minutes 42. An axillary temperature is measured (A) In the mouth (B) In the rectum (C) In the armpit (D) In the car 45. When a person is dying, the last sense to leave the body is usually the sense of (A) Hearing (B) Sight (C) Taste (D) Touch position 44. A client who is lying on either her left or her right side is in the (A) Supine (B) Lateral (C) Prone (D) Fowler’s 45. When transferring clients who have a strong side and a weak side, the HHA should plan the move so that (A) The stronger side moves first (B) The weaker side moves first (C) Both feet move at the same time (D) The wheelchair moves first 46. Which of the following canes has four rubber-tipped feet? (A) Quad cane (B) Functional grip cane (C) C cane (D) Curved cane 47. When cleaning the perineal area, the HHA should (A) Work from front to back (B) Work from back to front (C) Work from side to side (D) It does not matter in which direction the HHA works. 48. In which of the following situations must an HHA always wear gloves? (A) While performing perineal care (B) While feeding a client (C) While transferring a client from bed to a wheelchair (D) While performing range of motion exercises

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