After your wk 1 – signature assignment

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After your Wk 1 – Signature Assignment: Apply: SDLC Presentation, Pine Valley Furniture’s board of directors wants to continue consideration of a new WebStore for the company. They have asked you to assist them in selecting and initiating which project to do. They are considering a WebStore for 1 of their following 3 target markets:

  • Corporate furniture
  • Home office furniture
  • Student furniture

Choose 1 of the following formats for this assignment:

  • Presentation (10 to 16 slides)
  • Executive summary (3 to 4 pages)

Address the following components in your presentation or executive summary :

  • Explain 4 methods for identifying and selecting IS projects.
  • Compare the characteristics of each method, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each method.
  • Identify valuation criteria when classifying and ranking the 3-target market projects.
  • Rank the 3-target market projects.
  • Summarize the project initiation and planning process, and identify the next steps for Pine Valley Furniture’s board of directors.