Ainsworth’s theory’s of attachment | Sociology homework help

Topic: Ainsworth’s Theory’s of Attachment 

Instructions for the assignment
1. Headings and subheadings are required

2. The length of the paper should be at least four full pages

3. The paper must have a cover page and a reference page (Not included in the page count of the paper)

4. The paper must be according to the writing style of 7th Edition of the American Psychological Publication Manual

5.  Using paragraph form, answer the following questions:

6. Who is the major theorist(s)?

7. What is the profession of each theorist(s)?

8. Where and how was the theory first utilized?

9. What is the focus of the theory?

10. What are the major concepts of the theory?

11. What are the practice applications associated with the theory?

12. What are the practice interventions associated with the theory?

13. Discuss whether the theory include or exclude race, class, or sexual orientation. Be specific.