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After reading Read to p. 139. 


1 We learn that Charlie’s favorite family member is Aunt Helen. Who is your favorite family member? Why? Give examples 🙂 ( 100 words )


2 If you had a sister, and her boyfriend hit her, what would you do, and why? ( 100 words)


3 rite of passage n. A ritual or ceremony signifying an event in a person’s life indicative of a transition from one stage to another, as from adolescence to adulthood. 

In what ways does Charlie mature in Perks and in what ways does he stay a kid? What are some of the rites of passage Charlie goes through during the novel? Are they normal teenage rites of passage or are they unique to his situation?(100 words)

  1. Discuss Charlie’s family holidays. Are there elements that are universal to every family dynamic? Has anything about Charlie’s family surprised you? Describe Aunt Helen. What kind of person is she? Talk about the mixed tapes in the story. Are you familiar with the songs and bands? Why do you think Charlie speaks about them so often?
  2. Do you like that the story is told through letters? Do you feel you know the kind of person Charlie is?
  3. Several important issues come up during the course of the book, ranging from molestation to drug use. How does Charlie deal with these? How have the issues affected his friends and family?
  4. Charlie has a few breakdowns. Do you feel hopeful for him? How much of his past explains his present
  5. You’ve got 30 minutes a side to your blank cassette tape. What songs would you put on it to make a mix tape for your best friend? Your significant other?

1-5  just answer the question