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 Argumentative Essay

Thesis Only and Outline For Essay on one page 

5 paragraph essay, only source is the story

Hello, Scholars,

At the end of this week, you  will submit your thesis and outline.

This week, you will focus on the Argumentation Essay.   The argumentation essay is still a five-paragraph essay where you will argue your opinion in the first two body paragraphs and argue the opposing view in the third body paragraph.  The opposing view is the opinion that is opposite of your opinion.  The argumentation essay argues your opinion and the opinion of others who may not agree with you.  Please read page 96 in your textbook.

You will read the short story, “Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and choose a writing prompt below to write your argumentation essay.  

Writing Prompts

1.  Louise Mallard is consistently portrayed as a frail woman in need of protection. Does her character help support the claim that Kate Chopin writes feminist stories? What kind of feminism does Louise’s story present? Write an essay that analyzes how feminism relates
to the evolution of Louise Mallard’s character. Be sure to use evidence from the story to support your claims.

2.  “The Story of an Hour” tells a story about a woman who receives some shocking news. Read the story. Then, write an essay discussing Mrs. Mallard’s conflict in the story and how she deals with the conflict. Be sure to include examples and details from the story to support your ideas. 

3.  Many readers believe Kate Chopin is an awesome irony writer.  What do you think?  Be sure to include specific examples from the story.

4.  Many readers believe Mrs. Mallard experiences a moment of freedom when she learns her husband is allegedly killed in a railroad accident.  What do you believe?  Be sure to include specific evidence from the story.

5.  What is your opinion of the story and the writer?  How might others feel?  Be sure to include specific evidence from the story.

Choose 1 of these 5

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