Art career research worksheet | Architecture and Design homework help

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1) Education and Training:

What do you need to know to do this job and how will you learn those things?

What type of college degree should you get?

What classes in High School might be good?

2) Key Skills and Abilities:

What are the key skills and abilities required to do this job?

Do you need to have a certain type of personality to be successful?

3) Tasks and Responsibilities:

list 3-5 specific tasks you would do in this job.

What tools or technology would you use to accomplish those tasks?

4) Wages and Benefits:

What is the entry level pay scale?

What are the typical pay advancements for this career?

What type of benefits does the job offer?

5) Work Hours and Conditions:

Where would you do this job?

Is there anything dangerous or unusual about this job?

How many hours a week would you typically work?

6) Overall Job description:

What would a day in this job look like?

What uniform or clothing would you wear?

7) Outlook:

Are there many openings for this type of job currently or in the future?

Where might you need to live to get this kind of job?

Career Title: My Overall impression of this job is: ______________________________

I think I could do this job for ___ one year ___ two years ___ five years ___ the rest of my life.