As a requirement of the Smallville contract, Gail Industries…

As a requirement of the Smallville contract, Gail Industries must conduct an information systems review to determine whether the systems meet and continue to meet the organization’s objectives. Prepare a 4- to 5-page information systems review. Include the following: Purchase the answer to view it



An information systems review is a critical component in assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s information systems. It involves evaluating the systems and infrastructure to determine if they align with the organization’s objectives and are capable of supporting its operations. In the case of Gail Industries, a comprehensive information systems review is necessary to ensure the Smallville contract requirements are met. This report aims to provide a detailed analysis of the organization’s information systems, identifying any potential weaknesses and proposing recommendations for improvement.

Current Information Systems

Gail Industries currently employs a range of information systems to support its business operations. These systems include enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management (HRM), and supply chain management (SCM) systems. The ERP system integrates various functional areas of the organization, such as finance, manufacturing, and sales, while the CRM system focuses on managing customer interactions. The HRM system handles employee data, payroll, and benefits administration, and the SCM system manages the flow of goods and services throughout the supply chain.

Evaluation of Information Systems

To determine the effectiveness of Gail Industries’ information systems, several key criteria need to be considered. These criteria include the alignment of the systems with the organization’s objectives, the degree of integration and data sharing among different systems, the level of security and data protection measures, and the system’s scalability and flexibility to accommodate future growth.

Alignment with Organizational Objectives

The first aspect to evaluate is the extent to which the current information systems align with Gail Industries’ objectives. The systems should support the organization’s overall strategy and contribute to its success. For instance, if the organization aims to improve customer satisfaction, the CRM system should enable effective customer engagement and relationship management.

Integration and Data Sharing

The integration and sharing of data is crucial for seamless information flow within the organization. The ERP, CRM, HRM, and SCM systems should be interconnected to enable real-time data updates and ensure consistency and accuracy across different functions. For example, sales data entered in the CRM system should automatically update the inventory levels in the ERP system to facilitate efficient supply chain management.

Security and Data Protection

Protecting sensitive data and ensuring the security of information systems is of utmost importance. Gail Industries must evaluate the current security measures in place to safeguard against unauthorized access, data breaches, and potential threats. This includes assessing the use of strong authentication protocols, data encryption techniques, and regular system monitoring and updates.

Scalability and Flexibility

As an organization grows and evolves, its information systems need to accommodate increasing demands and changes in technology. Gail Industries should assess the scalability and flexibility of its systems to determine if they can handle future expansion and incorporate emerging technologies. This includes evaluating the system’s ability to adapt to new business processes and integrate with external systems or partners.


Based on the evaluation of Gail Industries’ information systems, several recommendations can be made to ensure that the systems meet and continue to meet the organization’s objectives. These recommendations include:

1. Conduct a needs assessment to identify any gaps or deficiencies in the current systems and prioritize areas for improvement.
2. Enhance integration among different systems to improve data sharing and streamline business processes.
3. Strengthen security measures to protect against data breaches and cyber threats.
4. Invest in training and development programs to ensure employees have the necessary skills to effectively utilize the information systems.
5. Regularly review and update the systems to incorporate new features, functionalities, and technologies that align with the organization’s objectives.


Conducting a comprehensive information systems review is crucial for Gail Industries to meet the contractual requirements of the Smallville project. By evaluating the alignment of the current systems with the organization’s objectives, assessing integration and data sharing capabilities, and considering security, scalability, and flexibility, Gail Industries can identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes to ensure optimal system performance. By following the recommendations outlined in this report, Gail Industries can ensure that its information systems continue to support its objectives and contribute to its overall success.

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