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As we learned in this module, minority groups are differentially imprisoned in our country. You are to create an infographic highlighting facts (outside of facts presented in the video, video link it´s attached on the bottom) about differential incarceration.  

Here are some questions that you may want to ask yourself as you think about your INFOGRAPHIC design:

  • What facts or statistics discussed in this video stood out to you the most? 
  • How do these factors illustrate systemic racism?
  • Can “primary prevention” be used to address justice system issues 
  • Could rehabilitation services and restorative justice (as opposed to solely retribution and punishment) offer a better solution to help decrease recidivism rates. If so, how?

you have to make an  INFOGRAPHIC either on microsoft work or powerpoint.

I have attached 3 examples on infographics so you can have an idea on how to do it.