bugs and issues


As per case study if Jack was not able to fix the problem then Mark does not need to loose  the hope on the project. First of all Mark needs to be believe himself that nothing is impossible to do in the universe. Somehow he needs to be find out the solution before deadline otherwise they need to be pay for loss. As a project manager he should be figure out the bugs and issues where it happened. Mark check with his co-workers daily that what is going on in the project and timeline. Before that Mark wants to be discuss with Jack that where the issues are happened and why it is not solving quickly. Mark has one more option to fix the problem that make a repository for his team members. Since then everybody keep him touch with error reports and it is the easy way to find out the solution for them. The project manager wants to be challenged all workers that who are working in his team and announce them to raise the salary if anyone could make it happen without critical issues in the project.

If Mark allocates this project to someone else either his project team members it would be create many problems. First one Jack’s confident levels are getting down due to this failure for fixing errors in the project. Moreover Jack does not care since next project he can take it easy even if it is severe issue. In my point of view Mark support Jack and let him take one more chance to fix the errors in the project and helps with him daily. The project manager discuss with his all team members though power point presentation. At least it should be helpful to them to finish the project in successful way.


Kerzner, H., & Kerzner, H. R. (2017). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons.

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