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  1. Tesla Gigafactory Case:  

Based on the various frameworks and case-analysis thinking advanced during the semester, analyze the Tesla case that is attached on Canvas.  That is, develop the front-end analyses and then link those findings to the viable strategic options presented (are there others at both the corporate and business levels of analysis?).  This will lead into your ultimate recommendation.

Some ideas/directions embedded in the case to consider as you get started:

  • competitive strategies of innovative/disruptive firms entering an established industry;
  • strategies in emerging markets;
  • rationale for international strategic partnerships;
  • international trade effects on a firm’s strategy and performance.

This analysis will be worth 60% of the final exam grade

  1. Please answer the following question:

A strategy is only as effective as the way it lines up with the plan to implement it. With that in mind,

(a) Present an argument regarding the linkage between organization structures and various strategic orientations (global, multidomestic, etc.). What are limitations and concerns of the structures you identify?

(b) Develop a plan to implement an innovation strategy for a firm competing in a turbulent environment (industry and country). Note: You may keep it general, or apply it to a specific firm or industry – your choice.

This question will be worth 40% of the final exam grade