CASE 7-12E KUB The report referances that this KUB is done prior to barium study

CASE 7-12E KUB The report referances that this KUB is done prior to barium study A banium study is a study in wich barium is used as a contrast or transplanted pancreas site. There are vascular or surgical dips tver the left sacroiliac joint, midportion, and that is again either the site of the transplanted kidney or site of the pancreas transplant presumably Bowel gas pattern is nonspecific. No distended bowel loops are seen There is bowel gas from stomach to rectum. Nn enlargement of liver or spleen. No significant calcification seen Entirety of pelvis nat imaged on film medium LOCATION Inpatient, Hospital PATIENT Maynard Peters PRIMARY PHYSICIAN: Gordon Jayco, MD RADIOLOGIST. Morton Monson, MD EXAMINATION OF KUB (kidney, ureter, bladder) IMPRESSION 1. History of kidney and pancreas transplants 2. Nonspecific bowel gas pattem 3. Surgical cips, low abdamenyupper pelvis 4 No bony lesion seen CLINICAL SYMPTOMS Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea in a patient with kidney and pancreas transplants KUB DONE PRIOR TO BARIUM STUDY There is no prior study for comparison No bony lesion is appreciated. There are surgical clips over the right side of vertebral body L5 (fifth lumbar vertebra) and the right side of the sacrum. That is presumably either transplanted kidney SERVICE CODEISI: ICD-10-CM OX CODEIS

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