CASE STUDY 2. How can the rights of each resident be promoted? Ms. Angela Lopez and Ms. Lois Green share a room at Pine View Nursing Center. Ms. Lopez has the bed by the window. She likes to sleep with the window open. She likes the privacy curtain between her bed and Ms. Green’s bed to be open so that she can see out the door. Family and friends visit Ms. Lopez often. They often bring her ethnic foods. She sometimes hides food in her drawers and closet. Ms. Green is a very private person. She chills easily She likes to go to bed early. Listening to opera music helps her fall asleep. Ms. Green has many figurines which she likes to display in a cabinet she brought from home. She worries about them getting broken. She also brought her own reclining chair from home. 3. How can the interdisciplinary health team promote each person’s comfort and quality of life? Answer the following questions: 1. What challenges does the interdisciplinary health team have in meeting the needs of each resident?

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