CASE STUDY You are caring for a 59-year-old male patient receiving 2. What physical care needs does the person have? hospice care. The person currently sleeps most of the time. His verbal communication is minimal. He occasionally opens his eyes. His wife stays with him most of the day. She has spent the past two nights at his bedside. She says prayers and talks to her husband about important events in their lives. His lives in another state arrived 3 days ago. The person’s daughter lives in the same town and visits several times a day. She often washes his face and applies lotion to his feet. She tells him that she loves him and that she will miss him. After his son arrived, the person told his wife that he was family and with God. He discussed his will and his funeral arrangements with his wife and his children. son who 3. What measures will help meet the person’s psycho- logical, social, and spiritual needs? ready to die and that he was at peace with his 4. What measures will help meet the family’s needs? Answer the following questions 1. According to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s stages of dying, what stage is the person in? Explain.

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