Case Study A Barbara is 56 and has two daughters and one son. She has just been diagnosed with a "recurence"

Case Study A Barbara is 56 and has two daughters and one son. She has just been diagnosed with a “recurence” of the lobular breast cancer treated with a lumpectomy and radiation 4 years ago. Her father (Aaron) is still living at age 82, and her mother (Ann) died of ovarian cancer at age 36 (diagnosed at age 34) Her sister, Bonnie, diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago at age 32 and died 2 years after was married and has no children. Her brother, Brett, now age 45, underwent surgery diagnosis. She was daughter who are teenagers and chemotherapy last year for breast cancer. He has one son and one Her mother had one sister, Amy, who died of “abdominal” cancer when she was 34, and one Bergen-Belsen brother, Allen, who died of bone cancer at age 41. Her father’s twin brothers died at ducing World War II. Barbara’s daughter Connie is 30 and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has two sons ages 1 year and 3 years. Barbara’s other daughter, Catherine, is 32. Barbara’s son, Carl, is 26. Neither Catherine nor Carl have any evidence of disease Draw the pedigree for the family. Amy Aaron Ann Aller brbara Ionnie rett Calleri Coni Cail Casc Stucly A Copyright 2018 by F. A. Davis Company Identifythe specific pattern of inheritance (if any) indicated for this family 1. Indicate what criteria the pedigree presents that supports the correct pattern of inheritance for this health problem. Identify who in this kindred could benefit from genetictesting at this time and provide rationale 2. 3. for you choice. If genetic testing were pursued, who would be the best person to test first and why? 4.

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