Case study analysis | entrepreneurship | University of British Columbia

The case is: “Posana Integrative Wellness: A Start-Up Business”

You can buy the case through this link above.

Please, do not buy and share it. Respect the copyrights.

The five key questions that should drive your analysis are : 

Identify the competitive advantage of Hanna’s new business relative to its services.

Evaluate the macro environment and industry environment of Hanna’s new start-up venture by performing a PESTEL. Explain each of the PESTEL parts and write the level of the impact (High, Medium, or Low) on Hanna’s business.

Perform Porter’s Five Forces analysis (no need for the sixth one). Explain each of the five parts.

Perform a SWOT analysis to help Hanna discover new opportunities, and manage and eliminate potential threats. Explain each of the SWOT parts.

Based on the analyses you performed, write a short conclusion. 

The deadline to submit this case on TURNITIN is September 4th at 11h59pm. Any delay, whatever the reason, will cause a 10% downgrade mark.


1. Maximum four pages for analysis including the appendices.

2. FONT: 12 New Times Roman, double-space between lines.

3. Apply APA Rules.  

Good luck!

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