Chapter 9: Case Management

Tina is a 24-year-old woman with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. She has just been released from the Jefferson County Medical Center’s psychiatric unit. This is her third hospitalization for manic episodes in the past 18 months. She has a 3-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son who live with their father but visit with her every other weekend. During her hospitalization, Tina overheard the hospital staff discussing the Triple Aim initiative and wonders if that pertains to her. She has been released to the community with the services of John, a nurse case manager. The following services need to be coordinated:

  • Weekly group therapy at the Community Mental Health Center
  • Transportation services
  • Medication supervision from her psychiatrist
  • Twice-weekly homemaker services for parenting education

1. Describe the three goals of nursing case management




2. Define Patient-centered case management and system-centered case management.

a. Based on the information above, what primary type of case management will John provide?

3. Describes the purpose of case management from the client’s perspective?

4. Tina asked John, the nurse case manager about the Triple Aim Initiatives

a. What is the Triple Aim?

5. John, the nurse is explaining case management to Tina. Which of the following statements would be the most appropriate for the nurse to make?

a.“We assess, plan, facilitate, and advocate to save money as much as possible.”
b.“We coordinate your care so you obtain needed services without incurring undue costs.”
c.“We seek the lowest cost provider to give you what care is necessary.”
d.“We collaborate with you to coordinate your care for the best outcome.”

6. Tina was a target for case management.How does identification of case management occur and who are the primary targets?

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