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Communication Analysis: Length 4-6 Pages 

This assignment provides students with the opportunity to explore a specific organizational process from a communications perspective. Students will select an area of focus in an organization in which they are active, or of which they are very familiar. Suggested topics include:  

  • Meeting Effectiveness 
  • Decision-making Processes 
  • Conflict Management Processes 
  • Change and Leadership Processes 
  • Emotions in the Workplace 
  • Diversity Processes 

Using the concepts, theories, and models from the course texts, students should observe how their selected organization is behaving relative to their chosen topic. What is working? What is not working? Students should provide a description of current practices with examples to illustrate their points. What is needed to improve performance in this area? Students should directly apply some of the concepts discussed in class to the situation, and provide feedback on the results achieved. What happened when the changes were implemented? Students should write a 4-6 page report that presents and discusses their findings and recommendations.  

Note: the course textbook is “Organizational Communication” by Katherine Miller