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November 7, 2019
Nursing ~ APA ~ 2 pages ~ Discussion ~ Graduate Level ~ 2 parts answer in full
November 7, 2019

Current Image of nursing

Education and


to the Professional

Nursing Role

Chapter 6

Professional Socialization

• Socialization involves a process by which a

person acquires the knowledge, skills, and sense

of identity that are characteristic of a profession

• Involves internalization of values and norms of

the profession

• Formation is the development of perceptual

abilities, the ability to draw on knowledge and

skilled know-how, and a way of being and acting

in practice and in the world

Goals of Professional Socialization

• To learn the technology of the profession

• To learn to internalize the professional culture

• To find a personally and professionally

acceptable version of the role

• To integrate this professional role into all of

the other life roles

Essential Features of Nursing (1 of 2)

• Provision of a caring relationship that

facilitates health and healing

• Attention to the range of experiences and

responses to health and illness within the

physical and social environments

• Integration of assessment data with knowledge

gained from an appreciation of the patient or


Essential Features of Nursing (2 of 2)

• Application of scientific knowledge to the

processes of diagnosis and treatment through

the use of judgment and critical thinking

• Advancement of professional nursing

knowledge through scholarly inquiry

• Influence on social and public policy to

promote social justice

• Assurance of safe, quality, and evidence-based


Roles of the Professional Nurse

• Provider of care

• Designer/manager/coordinator of care

• Member of a profession (AACN, 2008)

Professional Nursing Values

• Commitment to public service

• Autonomy

• Commitment to lifelong learning and


• Belief in the dignity and worth of each person

Socialization Through Education

• Stage 1: Unilateral dependence

• Stage 2: Negative/independence

• Stage 3: Dependence/mutuality

• Stage 4: Interdependence

From Novice to Expert

• Stage 1: Novice

• Stage 2: Advanced beginner

• Stage 3: Competent

• Stage 4: Proficient

• Stage 5: Expert

Facilitating the Transition to

Professional Practice

• Potential transition issues

– Reality shock

– Role conflict

– Role transition shock

• Role transition assistance

– Internships and externships

– Residency programs and preceptor support


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