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April 9, 2019
How the cyber crime is committed
April 9, 2019

Cyber Crime in businesses

BCC/402 Cybercrimes Against Persons

The Assignment is —  Imagine that you are a law enforcement officer and are assigned to present a cybercrime prevention workshop to a group of local businesses. Describing some common cybercrimes against businesses

Cyber- crime has become very common mostly due to the advancement in technology over the past decades.

Businesses have become easy targets for these crimes since they are very reliant on the technology to carry out their operations.

One of the major risks faced by businesses is the stealing of funds from their accounts by hackers or by the staff themselves (Choudhury, Basak & Guha, 2013)

Another form of cyber -crime to the businesses is the obtaining of information that is confidential to the businesses illegally.

The slowing down of operations is another form of cyber -crime where people deliberately cause down time in servers of businesses in order to slow down the operations.  119 words — need 150 words so I need 31 words added here..

Slide 2 Forms of cyber crime

Cyber crime against businesses also encompasses the use of malware such as viruses.

Businesses have become alert in securing their information hence they use passwords which are also attacked.

Another form of attack is where attackers pose as the middlemen in order to obtain information from people.

People have developed software that are used to hack into people’s computers unknowingly.

Advertising has become a way of hacking where false adverts are put up and businesses may fall for them thinking they are real. 96 words — need 150 words need 54 words added here


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