del of the following is an example of a platbed protein! A) Pried chicken (B) Poached salmon (C) Braised brisket

del of the following is an example of a platbed protein! A) Pried chicken (B) Poached salmon (C) Braised brisket (D) Refried beans 74. According to the USDA’s My Plate, most fruit choices should be (A) Fruit smoothies (B) Fruit juico (C) Whole fruit (D) Fruit-flavored drinks 75. How many times should each range of motion exercise be performed for each body part? (A) At least one time (B) At least two times (C) At least three times (D) At least four times 76. Which of the following statements is true of helping to prevent aspiration during eating? (A) The HHA should help the client into a reclined position before eating (B) The HHA should offer big pieces of food. (C) The HHA should place food in the stronger side of the mouth. (D) The HHA should place food in the weaker side of the mouth. hours of continuing education each year. 77. The federal government requires that HHAs have (A) 75 (B) 100 (C) 12 (D) 28 78. Which of the following is true of Transmission-Based Precautions? (A) HHAs do not need to practice Standard Precautions if they practice Transmission-Based Precautions. (B) They are practiced in addition to Standard Precautions, (C) They are exactly the same as Standard Precautions. (D) They are no longer used 79. Which of the following is an example of a psychosocial need? (A) Need for water (B) Need for rest (C) Need for shelter (D) Need for acceptance 80. Which of the following is an effective way for an HHA to help prevent dehydration? (A)-Regularly encourage clients to drink (B) Insist that clients drink juice (C) Withhold fluids so clients will be really thirsty (D) Give sponge baths to clients example of a physical restraint is A) A wheelchair (B) A bed (C) Side rails on a bed (D) A bedside commode What does the abbreviation “ADLS” stand for? (A) As doctor likes (B) Activities of daily living (C) After doctor leaves (D) Active data learning 83. Which kind of care helps clients restore or improve function after an illness or injury? (A) Subacute care (B) Acute catre (C) Adult day services (D) Rehabilitation 84. When a client makes an inappropriate request of an HHA, the HHA should (A) Ignare the request if it is not in the care plan (B) Offer to do additional tasks for extra pay (C) Agree to do the task if the client keeps it confidential (D) Explain that only tasks assigned in the care plan are allowed 85. The medical term for chest pain, pressure, or discomfort is (A) Atherosclerosis (B) Nitroglycerin (C) Ketoacidosis (D) Angina pectoris 86. An example of ethical behavior by an HHA is (A) Protecting a client’s privacy (B) Changing the care plan if the HHA believes it is inappropriate for a client (C) Performing a task outside the HHA’s scope of practice when a client requests that the HHA do so (D) Accepting a gift from a client for a job well done 87. Which of the following shows the correct conversion of 4:00p.m. to military time? (A) 1400 hours (B) 1500 hours (C) 1600 hours (D) 1700 hours 88. Barriers to communication include which of the following: (A) HHA uses medical terminology with the client. (B) HHA asks the client to repeat a sentence. (C) HHA speaks the same language as the client. (D) HHA speaks clearly using a professional tone of voice.

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