Digital forensics – final project


Submit your final project topic here. Include a short paragraph describing your project and how you intend to research it.

Here is a list of your upcoming project deliverables:

  • Week 11. Submit final      project  topic
  • Week 13. Submit a brief      abstract describing your final project.
  • Week 14. Submit final      project materials.
    • A 750 word, double       spaced paper, written in APA format, showing sources and a bibliography
    • Presentation materials       (PPT, handouts, etc)  

1. Need a topic to get selected – on a digital forensic topic or on a criminal investigation that involved digital forensics. Give me a 150 words document “describing your project and how you intend to research it.”

2. Need a brief abstract on our topic – 300 words

3. Final project – 750 Words

Include title page and follow references in alphabetic order.

And a PPT Follow the 10-20-30 Rule for Killer Presentations.

10 slides, 20 minutes coverage, 30-point font

Need author notes for every slide

Include intro page and reference page as well in 10 slides.

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