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As we move into the investment stage of our personal finance plan, we want to make sure that our financial house is is order. A fully established emergency fund, somewhere around $10,000, is a cornerstone for our financial plan.  This will give us some peace of mind when unexpected events happen, like A/C repairs for the car, and you can pay for them in cash.  Unfortunately, around 70% of Americans have no emergency fund to help out when unexpected events occur. 

  • How important do you think an Emergency Fund is for your financial plan, and what are you doing to establish this fund.
  • When you are ready to post your thoughts, simply click the Create Thread button and lead out in your discussion.
  • Take a look at your classmates’ opinions and leave a comment/response with at least two other students.

Grading: Your initial post should be a minimum of  at least 100 words, and your responses to your classmates should be at least 75 words.

d#: Do you feel a little more prepared to handle your personal finances then you did before this class started?

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