Discussion and small writing assignment…original work with up to

Discussion. with it’s references after it…300 words at least.

 When teachers encounter parents or caregivers who display a sense of entitlement (perhaps on behalf of their students), how should teachers react? Be specific in your plan and remember to integrate your Christian worldview.   

  • Christian worldview: Colossians 3:20-21 and Exodus 20:12 

Assignment with it’s references after it: 

  • Topic The Professional and Ethical Demeanor I Will Display (250 – 250 words per bullet point) 40 pts
  • How will I comply with the legal, professional, and ethical obligations associated with classroom management?
  • What will I do to establish positive relations and develop trust with my students, my colleagues, and my students’ caregivers? 

  Write bulleted questions in bold print. Each bullet point indicates a new paragraph. Write the rest of the paragraph in regular print. 


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