Discussion module 3 | Physics homework help

link to demo videos:  https://youtu.be/Yj6qXzM2Iz4

For this discussion you must post one main discussion post and reply to one other student’s post.  

Your main post must include:

1.  State which of the concepts you are going to discuss  The four options are 1.  Conservation of Energy 2.  Rotational Inertia. 3 Angular momentum, 4.  Torque

2. Use the video shown to FULLY explain the science

  • For conservation of energy,
    • include what happens to the forms of energy during the swing
    • explain why it is not possible for the ball to hit Dom in the chin
    • explain why the dinosaur was hit by the ball
  • For Rotation Inertia
    • Explain the impact of the weight place for each wheel on the rotational inertia of each wheel
    • Explain why the wheels reached the bottom at different times specifically using rotational inertia in the explanation
  • For Angular momentum
    • Explain what angular momentum is
    • Specifically using the figure skater, explain what happens to angular momentum, rotational inertia, and rotational speed during the various parts of the spin.  
    • If one or more of these variables are changing, be sure to explain why
  • For Torque
    • Using the concept of torque explain how it is possible for the man to be balanced on the board without anyone holding it.  
    • Include all the information the demonstrators needed to determine where to place the board on the pivot in order for it to be exactly balanced.  

3.  Think of something you experience in your daily life that is related to any of these four concepts (it does not have to be the same as the concept you explain).   Share this with your fellow students, be sure to explain your example and how it is related to these concepts.   Try to pick an experience that you feel other students can relate to as well.

In addition to your main post, you must provide a substantive reply post to another student’s post.  Be respectful, but if the student’s explanation is missing anything, add what you think is missing, or if there are errors, suggest the correct science.  Include a comment on how you might relate to the experience you share.  Consider adding something to this experience that takes the discussion farther or in a new direction… 

Think of it this way… if you were in a group setting how would you add something to a conversation on this topic and keep the conversation going.  It must be something more than “I can relate to your experience”… or “I had the same experience”. These examples aren’t substantive.  But stating “I had a similar experience but I…” does.  

All posts must be posted by Midnight Sunday of the week the post is due;  late posts will not be accepted.  Your main post is worth 30 points Your reply post is worth 10 point

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