Discussion post 4 | Marketing homework help


Title: McDonald’s low-context (Germany) and high-context (Japan) websites

For this discussion, I reviewed McDonald’s landing pages for the low-context culture of Germany and the high-context culture of Japan. 

This is a screenshot of the German landing page: notice the image is embedded in my post, not attached! Embed, don’t attach.

This is a screenshot of the Japanese landing page:

Following are three differences we can attribute to the nature of the culture for which the website is designed:

1. Describe difference No. 1. Explain it using a quick reference. Citing a source beyond the book or the multimedia I supplied? Use a hyperlink to enable us to review it for ourselves.

2. Describe difference No. 2. Same process as used for the first one.

3. Describe difference No. 3. Same process as used for the other two.

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