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Select the links below to open the videos:

ORGB 1 _Holden Outerwear-Managing in a Global Environment_.m4v

ORGB 2 _Theo Choc-Managing Ethics & Social Responsibility_.m4v

Discussion Questions:

After reading the chapters and watching the videos, answer the following:

  1. How has globalization influenced Holden’s business and created opportunity? What are some challenges of globalization for managers at Holden?
  2. What happens if Theo’s social objectives conflict with the organization’s economic objectives? What does fair trade mean to the leaders at Theo, and how does this relate to workers’ rights and organizational justice?

Please paragraph appropriately (at least 1 paragraph per video). The 150 word requirement is for both videos together.

Submission Instructions:

Discussion Board Rubric.pdf

1. Provide a substantive and original response of at least 150 words to earn full participation points (see rubric linked above) for both questions together (please paragraph appropriately). When you can, post an example which relates your experience in the workplace, or in one with which your are familiar.

2. Students must not plagiarize other students’ posts.

3. Discussion must be answered correctly and in detail.

4. Have fun! Most of all, be Christ-like, especially if you respond to another student’s post (responding to others is not required, but is encouraged so we all learn from one another’s experiences).