Discussion thread: performing system design | BMIS 530 – Systems Analysis, Modeling and Design | Liberty University


Interpretation or execution of proper APA format. Word count of over 500 words for the initial thread. Minimum of 2 unique and relevant scholarly peer reviewed

Part 1.  Answer the 4 questions below about your project 

1. What is an ethical dilemma that your systems analysis and design project in this course can solve using your phase 1 “HYBRID MULTI-CLOUD “project?  

2. Using thorough Biblical support, write a detailed purpose statement that clearly articulates how your system problem solves an ethical dilemma. 

3. Consider how Biblical principles can be applied to an efficient, optimized, secure, and healthy information system.  What elements in the new class diagram apply to the ethical dilemma outlined in the part 1?  

4. Why is this important to consider within your project’s system solution?