This week, we have covered network management which include topics such as System message log, SNMP, Netflow, QoS, VPN, and default gateway redundancy. Discuss one feature you would implement in your network and how you use it.


What do you think: is the name view an appropriate name for this database object? Why not something like “look-see” or “sampler” or “Ralph?” If you agree with the naming gurus who dubbed this tool “view,” why do you agree? If you think another term would be a better descriptive name, what is it and why is it better?


Grading for Discussions

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As you have seen in the course, learning networking involves learning the fundamental concepts as well as the many IOS commands.

Discuss some strategies you personally use to learn and remember the Cisco commands.

Why do you think Cisco has stuck with a CLI even though many other program use GUIs? Do some research before answering this question.

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