E20-8b (application of the corridor approach) xtra inc. has

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E20-8B (Application of the Corridor Approach) XTRA Inc. has beginning-of-the-year present values for its projected benefit obligation and market-related values for its pension plan assets.

                                            Projected                Plan

                                              Benefit                Assets

                                          Obligation               Value  

2014                              $1,000,000          $ 900,000

2015                                1,250,000           1,100,000

2016                                1,600,000           1,450,000

2017                                2,100,000           2,000,000

The average remaining service-life per employee in 2014 and 2015 is 8 years and in 2016 and 2017 is 11 years. The net gain or loss that occurred during each year is as follows: 2014, $165,000 gain; 2015, $40,000 gain; 2016, $30,000 loss; and 2017, $15,000 loss. (In working the solution, the gains and losses must be aggregated

to arrive at year-end balances.)


Using the corridor approach, compute the amount of net gain or loss amortized and charged to pension expense in each of the 4 years, setting up an appropriate schedule.